What does the recruitment process look like:


1. Contact us

Register on our webpage and send us your CV. It is non-commital and for free. You can find the link to the registration HERE. Information on job offers HERE.

2. Offer

We will contact you with the information, eventually with a certain job offer. You can also visit us personally in our office, or we will call you and talk over detailed information and a possibility of work.

3. Contract

If you are interested in the offer and we agree on all other appurtenances, you can just sign the contract.

4. The process

After that we will tell you the date, time and place for you to arrive. On the place you will be awaited by a representative of our company or the client, who will explain you the new work. We will be available for you anytime on the phone or personally, in case of any ambiguity or problems.

Kontakt Česká republika

tel.: (+420) 296 557 180

email: info@reflexjobs.cz

web: www.reflexjobs.cz



Ocelářská 35/1354

190 00 Praha 9

Kontakt Slovensko

tel.: (+421) 2 2120 1045

email: info@reflexjobs.cz

web: www.reflexjobs.eu

Obchodné oddelenie:


City Centre - Karadžičova 8/A

821 08 Bratislava