We will find you appropriate workers

Are you looking for reliable and qualified workers, who you can employ or even do not have to? Our personal agency will help you find workers according to your requirements. In our database we have enough applicants in various work areas. Should you look for workers for short period, part-time, shifts or long term, we will provide you with workers, who will meet your requirements. We will also help you solve possible absence.

We use several systems, thanks to which we gain new applicants, among others also thanks to our filial advertising agency (Reflexmedia.cz), which is covering the whole Central and Eastern Europe.

List of the most frenquent professions of applicants

  • erection works – assembly workers
  • electricians
  • plumbers
  • construction workers
  • maintenance and cleaning service – maintenance men, cleaning ladies
  • welding works – welders of CO2
  • handling works – warehousemen
  • ancillary works

other professions – production workers and all the other professions

We are able to fill all the above mentioned positions by our applicants very quickly (in 3 to 5 days).

Basic principles and guarantees of our agency

Applicants undergo a thorough selection procedure in our agency, which guarantees their qualification and reliability. We guarantee the employees (your new workers) at least comparable work and salary conditions to employees´ of your company. Naturally, all in accordance with the relevant establishments of the Labour Code.

We always act fast, fair and openly. On a personal meeting with you, we agree on details and per return we will prepare a price calculation for you, to which conditions we will provide you with workers. Such price calculation includes the salary, health and social insurance, taxes, accommodation, transportation, along with vacation and sick leave.

It is much beneficial for you to gain realiable workers from our work agency rather than looking for new people and hire them on your own.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!

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