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  • Are you looking for reliable and qualified workers, who you can employ or even do not have to?
  • Our company will help you find workers according to your requirements.
  • In our database we have enough applicants in various work areas.
  • Should you look for workers for short period, part-time, shifts or long term
  • We use several systems, thanks to which we gain new applicants, among others also thanks to our filial advertising agency (Reflexmedia.cz), which is covering the whole Central and Eastern Europe

Zkušenosti našich zákazníků.

Petr Novák, electrician

The personal agency has seemed to me trustworthy and nice from the very beginning. They have helped me find an interesting job as an electrician in Germany. And for a good salary. I did not even have to speak German very well. They have handled all the paperwork for me and explained me everything during the process. Thank you and I will be happy to cooperate with you in the future again....

Jiří Votava, labourer

I had worked in the building industry already before, but there had always been problems. Most frequently, they had not payed on time. That has never happened with the personal agency. I have always got the money on the agreed date. Furthermore, they have found accommodation for me, handled all the paperwork and provided me with enough work, so that I could have saved some money. Sometimes the work is very hard on the construction but important is, that I do not have to worry about money. Thank you!...

Karel Kos, plumber

Freelance work had never been the right thing for me and I could not have found an earnest company that would have employed me. The personal agency has helped me find a well paid job, provided me with enough work and most importantly, they have always behaved fair towards me. I have received money on my account on time, I did not have to bother myself with any paperwork and now they even offer me a job in Germany for euros. Thank you for your fair approach...

Jan Janda, universal worker

I have started to cooperate with the personal agency recently and so far I am satisfied. They keep their promises, have enough work (I even could have chosen) and they also offer accommodation in the place, where the work is required. I can recommend the cooperation with the personal agency....