Are you looking for a well paid job abroad and inland?

If you are looking for a job, our personal agency will help you find it. And your qualification does not matter. Nowadays, the demand on work is high and we will find you a job. The essential point from your side is reliability and fair approach. If you have any questions, please contact us. Let´s take a look at the most popular positions:

  • erection works – assembly workers
  • electricians
  • plumbers
  • construction workers
  • maintenance and cleaning service – maintenance men, cleaning ladies
  • welding works – welders of CO2
  • handling works – warehousemen
  • ancillary works

other professions – production workers and all the other professions

If you have any other qualification, that is even better, we will find a job for you too.

Guarantees and conditions of cooperation with our agency

During a cooperation with our work agency, you will not be an employee of the chosen company, you will only work there. You will be employed by us on more beneficial conditions, rather than being employed at the company. We will provide you with at least the same conditions as are the ones of the core employees of the chosen company. Naturally, all in accordance with the relevant establishments of the Labour Code.

We will provide you with accommodation, transportation, schooling and more

In case of need we provide our employees with the following service:

  • accommodation – comfortable and practical accommodation in the place of your new job
  • transportation – the transportation to and from work is secured by us with the company buses right from the accommodation
  • schooling – the company tutor trains thoroughly all the new employees in safety rules valid for the certain plant
  • work tools – equipment of basic work tools is a matter of course
  • insurance - in case of work injury or occupational disease, we have arranged liability insurance of organization for damage; you are also insured for damage caused in the workplace

There is a coordinator available for you, who will help you

The smooth running of the plant is secured by responsible workers, who are daily available for workers and executives of the user. These workers are fully responsible and competent for solving possible defects or other problems in the workplace. They are also responsible for following labour regulations.

We are looking forward to cooperation!

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